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We welcome our guests in a friendly. Our menus are based on local productions which can offer pleasure and harmonious tastes.


We support regional cooking styles, local products and flavours.

Due to its geographical location, Savoy has always been a land providing shelter to a great flow of immigrants. That’s probably why we find such a rich and diversified cuisine in Savoy.


Savoy is at the crossroads between Swiss and Italy, which offer skiing and thermal resorts where you can enjoy its rich and tasty cuisine. Savoy is a typically mountainous region where you can find breath-taking sceneries historical heritage, regional traditions… Savoy also stands for a rich and diversified cuisine: raclette, cheese fondue, white wine cooked sausages, farçon cake, Savoy cake,…


Savoy cuisine is simple, country-style and nourishing: when the weather is rough, the food must be appropriate…

The famous recipes the tourists know so well today are old traditional recipes which have been adapted to modern tools now available such as raclette appliances. Indeed, people used to eat next to the fireplace which was directly on the ground. The potatoes were baked directly in the ashes or boiled in a “bronzing”- some sort of a pot, together with cheese dice which were stuck on the tip of a knife only to be melted in the flames.


Melting cheese on a fried potato dish or in a soup is also a very old habit. On the contrary modern cheese fondue is a newhabit since the old-time farmers didn’t have what it takes to successfully prepare it (back in the days, their cheese was low on fat and based on semi skimmed milk because they also had to produce butter…). Moreover meals were intended to feed, not to spend a friendly moment as we imagine them today, especially after a day skiing or hiking in the mountains.

“Crozet” noodles are also a typical recipe made out of the cereal flours which were available at the time (sweet wheat, Sarasin/seigle), and polenta made out of Indian corn which used to be imported from Italy.


Together with this diversity of wines and spirit come that of cheeses: Beaufort, Reblochon, Tomme, Vacherin, Persillé, Sérac, Chevrotin, …


As for the deserts, here are the sweet meals we can mention: Savoy cake, Rissoles, Sabayon (we also call it hen’s wine or hen’s milk), Oeufs à la neige, or even milk jam.


We can’t refer to the Savoy cuisine without mentioning wines: Apremont, Abymes, Chautagne, Chignin Bergeron, Crépy, Roussette from Seyssel and Frangy, Gamay, Arbin, Montmélian,… But there are also various liqueurs such as raspberry liqueur, Blueberry liqueur, génépy or gentian liqueurs which are typical of our mountains.



We do hope that you will enjoy this wide variety of Savoy flavours during your meals and we wish you a great stay at our place.


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