The Chalet “Lo Tsamou” was built in 2014. It means “The chamois” in the local dialect. It has been called after the janitor’s family nick name since the 17th century. At the time they were chamois hunters and they used to wear chamois leather trousers, that’s why the locals called them “Lo Tsamou”.


In those days,they would go and hunt in the Savine valley where they could catch the chamois with “strangling traps” which is a technique hard to handle, but it was the only available one since there were no guns at the time. Later guns proved faster and more efficient to huntchamois. Still they kept their reputation as great mountain goat hunters until 70’s. Unfortunately this tradition got lost and there haven’t been any chamois hunters in the family ever since. But these hunters were also farmers and they lived in a house called “Mont Bas” (Literally “Low mountain”), where they would use the mountain pasture. Thanks to this backpackers’ lodge we are going to try and bring that area back to life.


Originally in “Mont Bas”, a hamlet belonging to Bramans, the local village, there was a shelter located at 2060 m which had been built in 1700. It was designed to store the cheese and butter in the winter since the cows would produce more quality milk when they were in the mountain. The cattle would then start from Bramans around June 1st to stop at the middle mountain shelter in a village called “St Pierre d’Extravache” for one month until the snow would eventually melt. Then the cattle would carry on up to “Mont Bas” where it would remain until September 28th before returning down to “St Pierre d’Extravache” and remain there for another month. The chalet has evolved ever since and has acquired new land thus allowing a further development of the chalet and the cattle.



Joseph & Lola RATEL

Refuge Lo Tsamou

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