Special menus for birthdays, parties, family meetings,…


We can plan special menus ahead. This must be discussed with the cook so as to elaborate the menu which suits you best.


• Barbecue


• Savoy special’s (Tartiflette cheese gratin, crozyflette noodle and Beaufort cheese gratin, cheese fondue, matouille cheese fondue, raclette,stone-plate grill,Beaufort or blue cheese polenta,…)


• Beaufort cheese pie, Savoy cheese cake, Beaufort cheese soufflé, cheese strainer, Savoy pastry cake, homemade angel wings, French toasts or eggy bread,…)


• Savoy nettlessoup (bacon, sausage, potatoe, cabage, carrots, …)


• Old-style Rabbit stew, Savoy pork stew, homemade lasagne with a selection of fired vegies and meat …


• Potato gratin, Savoy traditional stew (pork rib, bacon, knuckle of ham, genuine pork sausage, pormonier dry pork sausage, cabbage, potatoes), potato and mushrooms pie with ham


• Finger food buffet (toasts, glass verrines, deli meat, vegetables, a selection of cheeses, pizzas, quiche Loraine [onion ham and cheese pie], Beaufort cheese cake, …)

Cakes on demand at the local cake shop (raspberry cake, blueberry cake, strawberry cake, mixed fruit cake, black forest cake, …) or homemade island of meringue floating in vanilla sauce.


• A selection of homemade cocktails is also available.



For your parties...


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