Ecology in Lo tsamou
In order to preserve our environment we have appealed as much as possible to renewable energies and low environmental impact concerning waste and toilets.
Water is becoming a precious and limited product, that’s the reason why our sinks are equipped with infra-red faucets so as not to waste a drop of water.
The showers also have a time and a temperature limitation (38 degrees).
The lodge is equipped with three dry toilets which do not require water or sewage.
The waste water is collected in a septic tank and is then drained through a sand filter before running into a wastes disposal field.
Heating and hot water are produced thanks to solar panels associated with a wood burning boiler.
Solar cells panels provide energy for the fridges, freezers and security lighting equipment.
Catering waste and peelings will be composted. Packaging will be sorted out. We will mainly provide plastic bottles and aluminium cans which will crushed down with a hand operated press in order to recycle them more easily.


Joseph & Lola RATEL

Refuge Lo Tsamou

287 la Boucle des Orts

73500 Bramans


+ 33 (0)6 60 13 92 34

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